MAGIC Fundraising

Sponsor. Support. Donate…

MAGIC is an independent organisation supported by unpaid parent volunteers. We really appreciate the support of our Members, and with the membership fee we receive we are able to support of some of the day to day running of MAGIC, however we still need other sources of income to be able to provide our wide and varied activities for our children. Here is some of the way we raise funds to keep the MAGIC alive!



We run numerous activities and events for our children, many of which are subsidised by MAGIC, we rely totally on fundraising. There are many ways we receive our funds; parent donations, sponsorship by companies, MAGIC events such as MAGIC Fun Day, MAGIC Parties (Easter, Halloween and Christmas) and our new Abseil Challenge.


KM Charity Team

Why not team up with the KM Charity Team and help to raise much-needed funds for MAGIC. Head on over to their website, which gives all the information you need to get started on your next fundraising venture.

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– Upcoming Challenges


Supporting MAGIC activities

A large amount of fundraising takes place at our fundraising events, and we would encourage you to support us where you are able, by coming along to MAGIC hosted fun events, donating to MAGIC or sponsoring people doing fundraisers. Call the Office for more information or if you would like to donate.

Tel: 01634 570706
Email us:


Monkey Bizz MAGIC Numbers

‘MAGIC Numbers’ is a popular game played during each Monkey Bizz session. For £1, players can ‘buy a number’. A number is randomly picked and the winner takes half of the collection. This has proved to be a great fundraiser for MAGIC and offers you the chance to win some cash so please bring a few extra pounds to each Monkey Bizz session on Wednesdays.

Read more about our Monkey Bizz sessions here.


Coffee Morning Donations

Our popular Friday coffee morning has a buffet style breakfast that is available for a donation. The donations received are used primarily to fund the food at each coffee morning. We also offer the ‘I survived Christmas Breakfast’ held each January, with any remaining funds going towards the daily running costs of MAGIC.

Read more about our Coffee morning here


PayPal Donations

You can make donations to MAGIC using PayPal, Direct Debit or debit/credit card and it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is click wherever you see the “Donate” button (here and at the top of every page) and you will be automatically redirected to our donation page where you can make a one off donation, payments for services or set up a monthly donation. From there just follow the onscreen prompts.


MAGIC ‘Fun Day’

Each summer, around the August Bank Holiday, MAGIC organise a special ‘Fun Day’ with stalls, a raffle, and other attractions. It is our main fundraising event of the year and really is fantastic fun for the whole family. This is always a popular event enjoyed by everyone. So come along, have some fun and help support MAGIC, nor forgetting of course buy as many raffle tickets as you can. Read more on our MAGIC Fun Day page.



Raffles are held several times throughout the year. A lot of time is taken sourcing items to raffle so if you have anything that is suitable or are able to offer a service we can offer as a prize, then please talk to the MAGIC office.

Tel 01634 570706
Email us at


MAGIC Fundraising Pack.

We have designed fundraising pack to help you to raise funds for your own fundraising event. We are very grateful for all that our Members do for us, so we have created some tips and tools to get you started.

Download this pack to host your own fundraiser with the support of MAGIC.


Any Other ideas?!

If you have an idea but are unsure of how to make it happen then please talk to the MAGIC office. We have also been fortunate to receive donations from MAGIC parents. Should you wish to donate, then please contact the MAGIC office, we welcome donations of any size. Contact details and office opening times are at the base of our website.


And finally, a big Thank You…

MAGIC wishes to thank all those that have raised much-needed funds, a selection of which can be seen in our Flickr Fundraising gallery. Keep up the good work guys and we look forward to continued successes.