ARC Expertise – our skilled team

MAGIC knows that ‘the solution is understanding’ when it comes to our children, so we employ a team of experienced, trained staff who really understand our children, to deliver excellence throughout the centre. The ARC is run by a Teacher in Charge who is an expert in running extra-curricular learning facilities. We have a team of fully qualified teachers and youth development workers. With other educational support workers and others with specialist skills employed on a sessional basis. All of the ARC team are experienced and enjoy working with children with autism, as they are skilled at getting the best out of them.

Meet the ARC Team:

  • Gayna Simmonds – CEO MAGIC
  • Amanda Howard – Teacher in Charge
  • Sheila Humphrey – ARC Receptionist
  • Theresa Hill – Inclusions Manager
  • Natalie Grant – Teacher
  • Julie Sutton – Teacher
  • Karen Wright-Moseley – Teacher
  • Peter Sullivan – Teacher
  • Rebecca Dunn – Youth Development Worker
  • Senior Support Workers
    • Jean Golchehreh
    • Sarah Pink
    • Ben Jones
    • Oliver Simmonds
    • Andy Warner
  • Support Workers
    • Shirley Coulson-Smith
    • Paul Harper
    • Amy Rodway
    • Verity Cutting
    • Tracy Crane
    • Brian Obray