MAGIC Activity Days

School holidays can be difficult, so MAGIC have for a number of years arranged a series of fun ‘Activity Days’ for our Members during key school holidays. We know how tricky that can be for families and children with Autism. So during some of the school holidays we have previously arranged a few days of fun activities for our children. There have in the past been a range of outings and away-days to places in and around Medway including Wildwood, Shorne Country Park and many other places of interest such as beaches and country parks. When the weather is not so good we have provided indoor games and events.  

A number of recent changes including the way that activity days are funded, have meant that we are unable to provide activity days in the same ways that we have previously. We are currently looking at other ways that we can support our members during the holiday periods and attempting to come up with new and innovative solutions. Your ideas would be very welcome in helping develop something new that will benefit our members and you can forward these to Sandra on